Taipei AMPA
┃ 12 – 15 Apirl 2023┃

Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show

With Taiwan opening its doors to foreigners, lifted all its Covid-19 entry restrictions since Oct. 13, 2022. Corporations are looking to capitalize on the potential influx of overseas business that will soon be entering; 2023 TAIPEI AMPA and AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI will look to capitalize on this influx and bring buyers and exhibitors together next April 12-15, setting the trend for the post-pandemic automotive industry in Asia. With space applications being accepted, hundreds of automotive and motorcycle industry corporations will be participating in TAIPEI AMPA next year, cementing the show’s status as one of the top automotive trade platforms in the world.

While the global automotive industry had a dip in production, Taiwan saw a 30% increase in exports based on its ability to customize parts and a heavy investment in smart production, with the United States as the largest exporting nation. In addition, this increase coincides with a rise in demand for motorcycle and its related products, and TAIPEI AMPA will also expand its motorcycle exhibits, from gas motorcycle to electric motorcycle, to accommodate this trend.

Despite the traditional part and accessories market still being a dominant part of the industry, the world has been trending towards electric vehicles to fit the current direction of going green. Many exhibitors of TAIPEI AMPA and AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI are a part of Tesla’s production chain, and TAIPEI AMPA itself will hold other events to do its part in protecting the environment. Two of these events include AMPA JumpStart, which aims to connect EV parts producers in Taiwan with interested foreign buyers, and the ESG Achievement exhibitor recognition, marking those that are doing their part with upholding Environmental, Social, and Governance standards. Along with these green events, AMPA Live Tour and various industry forums and seminars will be held to bring participants from all corners together.

Different to past events, one of Taiwan’s newest smart automotive shows, 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan, will be held along with TAIPEI AMPA and AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI, bringing Taiwan’s entire automotive industry together in one place. Exhibitor applications are currently being accepted for all events, and those interested can visit the show organizers for more information.


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